Elena Fries-Tersch, DG HR
co-ordinator, editor EU features & Inside Brussels

Elena Fries-Tersch studied Sociology in Vienna, with a focus on migration and sustainable development. Came to appreciate the Belgian "culture" and French during her Erasmus in Louvain-la-Neuve. Volunteered in education projects for migrants in Vienna, was an intern at UNESCO in Uruguay and last worked for a magazine on international development in Vienna. Likes learning languages, writing, story-telling and criticizing and therefore dreams of working as a foreign correspondent. Spends her free time playing the piano, dancing, skiing, reading newspapers in a café.

Lucia Mrázová, DG ENTR
editor EU features & Stage life

Lucia Mrázová studied Journalism and European and International politics in Bratislava and in Gent. She worked for several newspapers, national private and state TVs in Slovakia and for Euro-web magazine. Over seven years she has been a leader of the Youth Media Team organization, creating international youth projects based on intercultural learning that made her to travel all around Europe. European external relations and diplomacy became her deepest interests since last years. Lucia loves Chaplin's movies, classic literature, Turkey and jazz.

Sonia Jordan, DG TRADE
editor EU features & European Matters

Sonia Jordan is the News Editor for Stage ECHO. Having recently graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, Sonia is now undertaking a traineeship within DG Trade at the European Commission. Political from a young age, Sonia has participated in both the EU Youth Parliament, EU-Socrates Youth Conferences, and is actively involved in the British Labour Party. Her particular interests lie in Latin American relations with the EU and the US, and she will shortly publish an article on the Free Trade Agreement negotiated between Central America and the US. When not browsing the broadsheets to report back for ESJ, Sonia enjoys swimming, discussing politics, and reading.

Eve Beurskens, DG SCIC
web design, editor Inside BXL, Stage Life & Media

Eve Beurskens is a graduate of Brunel University in London, where she studied Media and Communications. She has an undergraduate degree in Communications and Journalism and currently works in the Internal Communications unit of DG SCIC. She loves the visual and creative side of media, especially video production, photography and design. In her free time, Eve enjoys dinner parties, films, art exhibitions, going to the gym, and reading.