Wednesday, 11 January 2012

OUT & ABOUT - Week 2

Europalia.Brasil, until January 15 2012
This week is your last chance to visit the Europalia.Brasil exhibition. Europalia is a major international arts festival held every two years to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage. This year, the festival takes you to Brazil. Europalia.Brasil takes place in more than 200 venues across Belgium. Visit the two main exhibitions ‘Brazil.Brasil’ and ‘Art in Brazil’ at the Centre for Fine Arts or listen to Brasilian music at Bozar.  

Do you feel more like getting your hands dirty yourself? On Sunday January 15, Botanique organizes the workshop Curieux chassés croisés as part of the exhibition Wunderkammer.  This workshop will introduce you to different art techniques by letting you create a strange or obscure creature under the guidance of animation experts. Let your imagination run wild!

Zola Quartet is playing in Bar du Matin at 21:00 on Thursday. By combining traditional Spanish music with contemporary Jazz, the Zola Quartet takes its inspiration from the common roots: the energy and the improvisation. The quartet invites you to experience their music in is most sincere form.

Not a Spanish Jazz fan? Then head to Madame Moustache on Saturday for a broader mix of music. From 22:00 onwards Dusty Grooves will spin records from a wide range of music genres, including 80s, funk, disco and house. Entrance: €5.

On the same night, Eurocrats hosts another Resident's Night at Aloft, the design hotel situated in the heart of the European quarter – between Schuman and Place de Luxembourg. The doors open at 22:30. Make sure to dress modern, trendy, classy or all of the above.

FILM Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault's documentary At Night They Dance (2010) will be screened at Bozar on Sunday. The film takes us into the heart of a clan of women in which the profession of dancer is traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. Gradually, we become aware of the uncertainties of this life and of its connections with the anxieties of a chaotic reality.