Thursday, 8 December 2011

OUT & ABOUT - Week 49

Brussels Philharmonic at Flagey, Friday 19.30
The stage committee invites you to Ukraine Night. Come and celebrate the Ukraine's 20th anniversary at Fuse. From 23:00 - 24:00 the famous Ukrainian band Atmasfera will be pumping the tunes. After midnight, DJ Fat Bass will get everyone on their feet until the early morning. Tickets 5-10.

Why not go to a classical concert before you head to the Ukranian Party? This Friday Brussels Philharmonic will introduce you to a rising star, the 21-year-old Eugène Ugorski, a first-class violinist. He will play one of the best-known violin concertos of all time, by Sibelius. Stagiaires can attend this concert at the exceptionally low price of 5 euro per ticket. Send an e-mail to

Le Palais des Sciences will celebrate the last crazy Antitapas Night of the year 2011. Antitapas features free food, free haircuts, performances, live concerts by Lokomotiv and Les Fanfoireux, sets by DJ Gaetano Fabri and DJ Glitter in the Gutter, and art by Coletivo Grafico. The party takes place in the underground caves of Cureghem, Rue Jules Ruhl 2 which is only 50 meters from Metro Station Delacroix.  There is also a special nightbus from the city center to the caves and back.

Kaaistudio's presents Character Witness, the a performance inspired by the autobiographical stories of Malcolm X, Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Ariel Sharon. They each explain or justify some of their controversial political decisions on the basis of childhood experiences. Their stories are merged into a single speech, which will be delivered by three actors. The performance is at 8PM on Friday and Saturday. Entrance: FREE.