Wednesday, 7 December 2011

!!Boost your Career and fill in this survey!!!deadline: 09/12/2011

Dear Fellow Stagiaires,

As many of you probably already know, the Career and Job Fair Sub-Committee is working actively to be able to provide career prospective orientations as well as training and meetings with accredited professionals to all of you.

In order to cover as efficiently as possible the needs and requirements of such a big and diverse group of people, we need to know more about you! That’s why we ask you TO FILL IN A SURVEY!


The answers you will provide will be a crucial help for targeting your specific needs, in the form of workshops, conferences and discussions, oriented towards your future professional career.
Do not hesitate to give us suggestions and take the time to fill in the survey and, more importantly, submit it!

Please complete and SUBMIT THE SURVEY BEFORE 9 DECEMBER 2011 at the latest!

Last but not least, we will ask you in the survey to upload your CV. Your CV will contribute to the creation of a CV book to be distributed to all companies interested in this project, and especially those invited to the Job Fair (that will take place the 18th of January).

It is not compulsory to upload your CV; nevertheless, all those who will submit their CV will have the unique opportunity to be part of the catalogue of CV consulted by companies that might be hiring!